Street Style | Adidas & Chill

If it's one brand that I love to wear it's Adidas. Most likely because I am a 90's baby and I am obsessed with pretty much anything Adidas. Last year I rocked my Adidas superstar gym shoes any chance I could get and this time around I'm pulling them right back out for Spring/Summer 2017. Being in style is not about always wearing something popular and brand new, that's called being "trendy". Style is wearing something that you love and feeling happy and confident about what you are wearing. Style is about learning to mix it up, recycle, revamp and put together. It's not determined by price tags and how expensive your ensemble is. As long as your outfit fits you and who you are, then that is true style.

 As I go through this journey called life, I learn more and more about myself. What I like and what I don't like. What makes me feel confident, sexy, powerful, etc. It's so important to know who you are and what you like because that's what helps you to find and attract what makes you happy.


This outfit put me in a good mood. How? Because I was comfortable in it and I felt stylish in it. If I can put on a pair of gym shoes and still feel somewhat sexy, I'll take it! Heels are not always necessary. 


 So let's get into outfit details, shall we? The whole concept of this outfit was inspired by my $4 Adidas socks. Yes, $4. I can thank Pacsun for that. I randomly waked in and they were having a buy 2 get one 50% off sale. I was on my lunch break so I had to act fast and end up purchasing a super cute sports bra which will be featured on this blog soon and these socks which were $8 and I got them for $4. Pacsun always has the best sexy-sporty apparel. I buy something almost every time I go in and if I don't,  I always end up coming back for something I have my eyes on within a few weeks. That's how much I love their stuff. They had the cutest pair of socks so I'm for sure going back for more!


The dress I'm wearing is super old, I believe it is from Forever 21. It's so old, its a bit stretched out, but it works for the outfit. I just wanted to be comfortable and that's exactly what I was. If I wanted to invest in a new black dress I would have checked out American Apparel for a form fitting one, but the Forever 21 dress was perfectly fine. My BP denim is from Nordstrom, it's distressed and super cute. You can wear it tied around your waist, over the shoulders or like a normal person and just wear it like a jacket. I just like to be extra and see how stylish it can look being worn different ways. 


Last but not least are my accessories. My BP aviator sunglasses are from Nordstrom. I love them! They are so affordable yet still fashionable. When it comes to jewelry, unique necklaces are one of my favorite things to collect. I found my necklace while thrift shopping. One of my favorite thrift stores to shop in Michigan is Clothes Mentor. I always find my classy pieces from there. 



Thanks so much for reading my post!


Hopefully it inspires you to try something new!  


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