The U-Part Wig Web Series - Staying Glam On A Budget

Hello Everybody! I am so excited to announce that I just launched my web series about all about U-Part Wigs! I know some of my readers are aware that I have a Youtube channel with lots of hair tutorials and some strictly read my blog, so I want my blog readers to know more about my Youtube life! 


I would love for you to support me on my Youtube platform as well. If you don't know anything about U-Part Wigs and protective hairstyles, I would highly suggest you watch this new web series and a few other videos on my channel. I am on my healthy hair journey, so if you want to join me and grow long healthy hair make sure to keep up with my on Youtube!


The series will include 8 episodes and also include a big GIVEAWAY to one of my Youtube subscribers. I will announce what the giveaway will include towards the end of the series. I will be uploading all throughout this month so make sure to Subscribe to my channel so you won't miss any videos! 


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Watch the episode that are now up on my channel below.

Thank you for reading!!